Kestener Herrenberg

Exposure: south-facing slope

Soil: silver gray slate floor

History and Trivia: Herrenberg comes from the Franconian word Häär, meaning ‘cleric’ and the monastery was that of St: The names “Herrenberg” and “Paulinsberg” both refer to a monastery.. Paulin in Trier. The monks there were responsible for the maintenance of the church (religious services, assent management, etc). They tended to be of noble birth, and unlike traditional monks, those of St. Paulin retained their personal property and freedom of movement, since they never took vows.

The vineyards were willed to the monks of St. Paulin upon the death of King Henry I of East Franconia in 936. It remained in their hands until the French takeover of the area in 1803. At that time, all monastaries and convents were confiscated as state property and auctioned all to private individuals. Thus, most of the modern wineries formed, but retaining their old field names.

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